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Hairstyles for the Older Woman

Hairstyles for the Older Woman

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Over 50 and looking for a stylish hairstyle? Take a look and these hairstyles for the older woman.


Take a look at our gallery and see what takes your fancy.


bianca spender 290x300 Hairstyles for the Older Woman“My Favorite Hairstyle in This Gallery” — Bianca Spender


This is perhaps my favorite of all the hairstyles in this gallery because it defies age. Fashion designer Bianca Spender’s hair is thick, has a beautiful sheen and color and is a very flattering cut (shoulder-length is flattering to most women).







helenmirren3 215x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanHelen Mirren never goes out without a great haircut (I know this because I’ve looked through years of photos of her for these photo galleries). Her cuts are so flattering, I’ve included several of them in my photo galleries.


This cut shows off Helen Mirren’s gorgeous long neck.








Diane Sawyer 262x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanSometimes all it takes for a woman to look chic is a great haircut like this Diane Sawyer hairstyle. Here, Diane Sawyer shows off a crisp white shirt and maybe a great accessory like fabulous glasses.


Diane Sawyer is an ageless classic. I love her hair here.








annette bening 215x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanShort Hairstyles Are Great, Just Get the Right One


You don’t want to look dated with a bad short hairstyle. This one is modern and stylish.








glenn close michael trann 282x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanChin-Length Hair is Very Flattering


Not too long, not too short. This cut is great if you have straight hair.








mariashriver2 197x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanHair tends to thin as we age (especially around menopause), but you wouldn’t know it looking at Maria Shriver’s hairstyle.


Maria Shriver has always had a full, gorgeous head of hair and I love that she flaunts it, keeps it long and doesn’t allow a stylist to thin it out (a very big pet peeve of mine).








katherine kelly wavy older 283x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanThe Waves and the Blonde: Utterly Youthful

Love this hairstyle.  Waves and waves of chic.








ellenbarkin2 219x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanYes, Ellen Barkin is over 50. At the time of this photo (late 2007), Ellen Barkin was, in fact, 53. She obviously dyes her hair and keeeps up with the latest hairstyle trends and I think it works very well for her.









Ellen barkin older 213x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanA Longer Bob is Gorgeous on a Blonde Ellen Barkin


The hair colour is lovely too.








judiedench 197x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanJudi Dench Hairstyles


Not all super short hairstyles come off as chic as this one on Judi Dench. Judi Dench’s hairstyle is very boyish, Mia Farrow-esque, and just perfect. Love the colour.







susan sarandon older women 236x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanSusan Sarandon Always Embraces Her Natural Waves










vanessaredgrave 251x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanVanessa Redgrave Hairstyle


In this photo gallery, we feature 10 women over 50 with fabulous hair. Whether they color their hair or not, these women are gorgeous, including Vanessa Redgrave here, in a simple bob.







blythedanner 200x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanA Great Look for Wavy Hair


Naturally curly hair looks great short.








Meryl streep 279x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanLonger Hair? Pull it Back into a Sleek Ponytail


I love Meryl Streep’s hair here, especially paired with the dark glasses. As Charla Krupp says in her book, “How Not to Look Old,” an easy way to take 20 years off your look is to invest in trendy, modern glasses.







barbara davis older 223x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanBarbara Davis


This is a very feminine hairstyle.








shirley maclaine short hair 237x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanShirley MacLaine


I love the layers on this shorter hairstyle.









anna wintour 249x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanAnna Wintour of Vogue’s Classic and Famous Bob


What a fabulous bob style.








jane fonda older women 229x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanJane Fonda’s Super-Short Hairstyle


Layers and layers of style.








helen mirren older 215x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanA Bob is a Great Cut for Fine Hair


If your hair has gotten finer as you’ve aged, consider a bob hairstyle.








michelle pfeiffer 272x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanA Great Hairstyle for Curly Hair


We love this hairstyle on Michelle Pfeiffer.








catherined 223x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanCatherine Deneuve Hairstyles


Catherine Deneuve is another great example of a woman unafraid to grow her hair below her shoulders. She looks fantastic.








anneslater 189x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanAnne Slater Hairstyles


How fabulous is this silver fox with her blue-tinted glasses and her perfectly coiffed hair? We love this Anne Slater hairstyle.








helenmirren2 198x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanHairstyles for Women Over Age 50: Helen Mirren (No. 3)


This third look on Helen would look great on women of all ages.








 helenmirren 198x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanHelen Mirren Hairstyles


This is perhaps my favorite of three photos we’re featuring of Helen Mirren’s hairstyles. Brow-skimming bangs are not just for the under-30 set.








shirley maclaine older 229x300 Hairstyles for the Older WomanShirley MacLaine’s Hairstyle is Very Flattering on Her Face


Look at the hair colouring!









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